Flight time should save regularly.

I think there should be certain checkpoints where the server automatically saves your flight time and adds it to your status. Like first at 10 minutes, then at 30, etc. The main problem I had was that I would fly and then the way I always ended my flight was with my device crashing because either the airport was too crowded for my device to handle , or some one just decided to taxi through the grass at 100 knots and go straight through you. I’ve gotten the s7 edge now so I don’t face this problem anymore, but this post is for all the people that do.


This problem is mainly for devices with less ram.


All people need to do is to keep with sufficient memory to play IF, simple and good luck with you S7. I fly qith Note5 is it perfect event on reserved memory.

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But people have outside things to do then IF, its hard resisting to download a app on your device

yo infinite flight runs so well on the s7 edge
i have it and it runs flawlessly
except it has random lags at times

Keeep backing up your phone then on a pc with all them stuffs from the gallery (phots, videos etc) and close apps you arent using.

I believe Infinite Flight logs your flight progress every 30 minutes or so…

Not Flight time…only Xp…Flight logs when you end flight i believe

That’s what I meant.

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It’s a good thing that it already does :)


What are the intervals that it saves at?

I have 2 devices Both Samsung one is
Galaxy SIII And the Other is S6
My SIII’s Game Crashes when it is crowded
But when i play with my S6 it does not
So probably we should have this feature

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