Flight Time Rollover

I searched for dups, but this is something I don’t really know a really good title for, so I might’ve missed it, if I did, just link it for me, thanks :)

Anyway, I have always been curious, when your flight time in Infinite Flight gets to 99.59, when you get right on the money for 100 hours, what happens? Does Infinite Flight then say 100.00, or does it just restart back to 00.00 If it does restart back to 00.00, would the full time appear on your logbook? If it doesn’t reset, when does it stop? 999.59? 9999.59? Etc…

I don’t know if anybody has done something like this before, however I have always wanted to put my iPad to the limits by turning down all graphic settings and doing a ton of long flights and seeing how long it lasted, always wanted to see what happens once you cross a certain mark.

If nobody has the answer, I might try it out throughout the week to see what happens and report back.

Kevin Potthast

EDIT: Realized this might be confusing, by ‘flight time’ I am taking about the option for flight time you can set on the bottom bar of your Infinite Flight.

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I assume it would go to 100:00. I can test it out for you if you like, just give me the go ahead…

Be my guest, you can test it out.
I was going to start this week because I think the 787 can stay airborne for 16 hours at a time, which I can takeoff at 10 and land at 4 the next day. If you want to try it out too, that’s totally fine, report back your findings!

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I will start it soon, whenever. I will use the B777-200LR. You can get it flying for 50 hours nearly with one fuel stop.

Update 1 | 17 Hours of Flight Time.

We are currently about an hour away from starting the descent into Mexico City after taking off from Changi at roughly 10:15 PM last night. With graphics turned all the way down and brightness at a minimum, the iPad has no major concerns so far, the only noticeable lag is frame lag, which might be caused by the ‘limit frame rate’ option which I engaged.
After getting home from school I wrapped it in a coolie pack I bring with my lunch. The coldness should improve performance and avoid my motherboard from searing off in the heat, although not much heat was noticeable.

The next update should be out the same time tomorrow.

Why would it not go to 100:01? It goes above 24:00 so I would think so.

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Well, that is what my dad said.

My thought process is because it is displayed as 00.00 and not 000.00 it might not work. I also compare it to a score on basketball games, two eight segment displays can’t display the number 100.

Oh wait, Val is speaking. Let’s see what he has to say…

I don’t think you have enough time on this planet to actually reach the limit to that counter.


Ok, that’s good to hear. Will still be flying because I want the 100.00 screenshot.
Thanks :)

Just looked at the code, I know what it does but I don’t want to spoil ;)


(Sad face) But I’m interested in this as well




The speed-up button must be pretty fun to use


Looks like 16 bit to me. No?

And I did some basic math, that would take just under 30,000 years to achieve.


64bit integer positive max value times 100 nanoseconds.


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Oh, I was close enough then.

It’s “community’s”



No idea what you’re referring too… 🙄