Flight Time Reversed An Hour

I am finishing up my flight from KEWR-KATL and I took of at 5:00PM EST and my arrival is scheduled for 7:04PM. I am wearing KATL and I checked the time and it said 5:15PM and it went back an hour. Is this because of the time change? Please let me know, thank you!

What time selection do you have selected? It can be toggled to reflect the time of where you are in app with real life or the time you have selected within the time setting of your flight I believe.

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I always have it to Local Time (Sim)

Gotcha so that selection is totally dependent on the actual time you have toggled in app. So say for example I have it set to “noon” it’ll appear as the noon time I selected. Unless you don’t have it set to “current time” it won’t reflect the time it is at where you are flying. The “local time (Real)” selection gives you the local time irl of where you are currently flying.


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