Flight Time not meeting irl time

Just a question for anyone, when I do a real flight my flight time is always 30 minutes or shorter than the real life time. I know we don’t count taxi times which could be a part, but If I am going the right speed then what am I doing wrong. Thanks

It could be winds, it could be because you may be at a different altitude, it also could be because you are going a different speed, and it could be because you have a different flight plan, I’m sure there is more


I always go the real speed so ie: 0.78, 0.79 etc depending on the plane. The winds could be but I also use the irl flight plan from a real source.

What source do you use for the fpl?

I get all my information from flightaware.com it has gates and everything.

I do that with all my US flights and I land at the same time as the IRL flight

Depending on how long after the IRL flight you do your flight - the winds can be massively different.

In addition to what others have mentioned, the cost index used on the real flight will affect time spent at cruise/climb and descent speed - it may very well be that you are climbing and descending at a higher speed than the real life flight is.

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