Flight time not counting for grade...

I just completed an hour flight from Palm Springs to Van Nuys via Murrieta French Valley, but the flight time is not counting for my grade. This flight was to boost me back to grade three, as the flight time in recent history was the only thing stopping me. Does anybody know what I should do in this situation? Thanks.

I’d just keep flying. I don’t know how the flight time system works. If I’m honest I think its bugged. Just keep flying a minimum of 45 minutes and you’ll be fine.

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You need to wait a few minutes. The servers will update your information eventually.


make sure you click the “end flight” button so it saves the flight.
Also, if it doesn’t work try logging out and then logging back in and make sure your internet connection is A-OK.

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Sometimes the servers take 5-15 minutes to refresh your stats.

Its happened to me with landings, I’ve done 15 circuits with touch n goes, and it doesn’t update for a period of time.

I usually just exit the app, and come back in 10-15 minutes and it’s been updated


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