Flight time glitch?

I am currently flying from Beijing to Mexico in a 787-8. I went in for a shower ad the flight time was 14 hours 45 minutes and I come out and it’s 15 hours and 5 minutes. Is this normal or a glitch. Pls help! I’m worried I will run out of fuel…

maybe due to winds and your routing?

Idk perhaps…It seems okay now…lets see

Winds always shift in the air and your ground speed is always different according to the wind. It’s always an estimate according to the situation you’re in at the moment


Are you talking about the ETA? Flight time means how long you have been flying. :)

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Flight time is a number representing how long your aircraft has been flying since the wheels left the ground.

With that said, hope you enjoyed your 20 minute shower!


Haha no I meant ETA to destination…

Ah. I see. But still like some folks pointed out, it’s likely winds since the ETE to Dest is calculated on your Groundspeed.

Headwind - Slower groundspeed will result in a longer time.

Tailwind - Faster ground speed will result in a shorter time.


Winds does not affect your engine power outputlike that. It may affect is by a smidgen but overall your thrust stays the same regardless of if it is a headwind or tailwind. Ground speed does get affected though which affects your flight duration.

This is because the winds dont change as drastically at cruise as at lower altitudes. At cruise there is a gradual change but since you are operating using Mach speed you have a larger target speed area for your aircraft to hit so autothrust isnt increasing your speed but continuing to maintain you within the range.

You can try this out in IF by slowly leaving a jetstream and watching the thrust. The thrust shouldnt change all that much, maybe just a single percentage, but overall your thrust remains the same.

20 minutes aint nothing to worry about, nowt to be worried about