Flight Time Error?

I had to leave my flight I just did on the Training Server and I had 3 hours of Flight Time. It said Error updating so I went onto Wifi and clicked retry again. It worked but the 3 hours of Flight Time were never added and I needed that to get to Grade 3 but it never added.

If you really made this flight, you should show the print of your replay here! Or share this flight with moderators so they can see it.

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Got it! I will get that as soon as possible!

Here is the replay - Share My Infinite Flight.

I had to end because I had to go. The flight time is 3 hours and something minutes though.

In this case, did you check if it took some kind of “Ghost” or was it on the offline server? If you were within the standards, contact a moderator.

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At the beginning, I did have wifi and was connected to internet, then I went offline when I left the internet, then I ended the flight came back on wifi and it never put the hours in.

That may be why. It probably didn’t log the hours because you weren’t on Wi-Fi


Darn, I did try to restart the app and reset it but it still didn’t log it.

Yeah unfortunately I don’t think there is anything you can do.

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Crap. I needed those hours.

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