Flight time clock that can be reset

As a member of a VA, i fly many legs a day. Would be a nice option to have a flight time clock that can be reset after each leg.

Totally agree. I also often do multiple sectors, and this would be so helpful! At the minute I have to use the stopwatch on my phone. Would be nice if we had to actually start and stop the clock too.

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You can see the flight time in the replay or change on e of the things in the status bar

Not if it is per leg. It only logs total flight time

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There already one it’s called ETE to next

Same. Basically would be a somewhat easy item to add

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Do you mean you do legs all in one flights? If so you can change the status bar to flight time and note it every time you land at a airport

No not the same

ETE TO NEXT is the estimated time elapsed until your next waypoint on your flight plan. This is requested a timer to log how long you have been flying per leg.


It does not reset. So like today i am flying a a five leg flight. The flight time clock can not be reset unless i end each flight

Everytime you land, note the flight time. Then minus then minus the time from your previous landing and then you have your flight time

Or as every IRL aircraft has a flight clock for this reason.

That’s inefficient and a hassle for large flights where you’re doing over 5 legs in a row. Having it implemented in game would be a lot better and simpler for the hoppers out there.


Exactly thank you

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