Flight Time Boston-Anchorage

Does anyone know how long a flight from Boston to Anchorage is?

A simple search on google will help
Or use FpltoIf for route time

ya know I’m a idiot that didn’t even occur to me.


To answer your question its 9hrs:39mins Via Minneapolis on Delta. Thats the shortest Flight Time I could find

Highly recommend

Here is the actual link,

You need a Simbrief account to make a flight plan or you can use FlightAware to convert an IRL flight plan and it should be you the time.

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Thanks for that was too lazy to pull it up

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That’s awfully vague. Are you taking a Cessna and stopping every I assume 18 miles to fill up with fuel or are you taking a Citation and doing it direct? In addition to the usual responses of “google it yourself”, it helps to set yourself up for an answer by giving all of the relevant details. Because as it is now, I could tell you the time it would take a flock of Canada Geese with defective wings and senses of direction to do it, and I still would’ve answered your question.


The flight time is 7 hours and 15 minutes

Well, it depends what plane he’s using

b739 has a range of 2,950nmi tho.

Yeah I know I just put a random aircraft down without thinking

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