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I’m trying to fly the London to Singapore route, but obviously its a 13hr flight I usually go in an A380. So basically I’m just wondering how I save battery as my iPad drains very quickly with this game as it uses 71% battery? And how if possible do I speed up the flight? And finally what speed should I be able to go on an A380? I’m confused as it keeps saying overspeed? Thank you!!

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Turn down your brightness and turn on the built in battery saver in Infinite Flight, head to settings and scroll down to the battery saver option and press on it and it will automatically turn on the battery saver when no touch has been sensed for a few minutes but make sure to have HDG on or it won’t turn on.

You shouldn’t cruise at 350 knots or 340 knots but more like 320 knots or less, but when you get to 28,000 feet the speed you cruise at will be in Mach numbers.

You aren’t able to speed up the flight so you get to your destination faster.

I would also recommend reading this post about the cruise speeds of other aircraft.


Well when the red bar on your KIAS is covering your whole indicator speed you’re speeding. The A388 Cruises at .85 nothing more. You may see people going 500kts and above that’s showing their ground speed not airspeed:) In the status bar in the bottom you can set one to ground speed and realize you are going faster then you think And just turn your brightness down. And keep it plugged in. And whatever else @Qantas094 has said👍😉
Use https://fpltoif.com/ it’ll tell you everything and even give you an amazing flight plane;) It will tell you how long, the amount of fuel, climb/descent profiles it’s wonderful:)


I can’t find the battery saver option? I’m on an A380 not an A388. If that even exists. Haha 😂

A388 is the abbreviated version of the A380-800 (see how it takes the number of the variant and replaces the 0) so they are the same. Low power mode is found here:

Was going to say 73% battery usage over 13 hours is pretty good if it’s not plugged in haha
I can hardly get 1.5 hours on a full battery not plugged in

The A380’s scientific name is the A388 as the variant is the Airbus A380-800. Should there be a Airbus A380-900 it will be scientifically called the A389.

You guys are the best!! Thank you so much!! I still don’t understand why we have to go so slowly I’ve been researching and a standard aircraft would travel at least 500 kts. I mean if I was flying to Singapore and going as slowly as the game wants you to go it’s take forever. Anyway thanks again and I can’t wait to keep playing!!

That is Ground Speed, your Autopilot is in Airspeed.

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