Flight Time and Fuel onboard

Hi all…i have question…how do guys plan how many fuel to carry since we do not know our flight time while on ground. How you guys know how long is your flight usually?

Let say im flying WMKK to VTSB…i did not know the actual flight time…i just assume the flying time is 4 hours while actually it is only around 3 hours.So, i carry around 1 hour unnecessary extra fuel.

My suggestion is to have an estimate flight time when we done key in flight plan. So to get this information we must key in cruise speed in flight plan.One column just for desired cruise speed.Then we can plan how many fuel to carry onboard to ensure aircraft performance. efficiency.

These two topics are great starting points for planning your flights:

Taxi time in Infinite Flight all depends on which gate you are at in correlation to your departure runway and how busy the airport is, the same can be said for your arrival. You can taxi with one engine to save fuel as well, but you need a mental reminder to start your second engine (remaining engines for the DC/MD, 340, 747, 380).


will look into this simbrief…thank u for your reply

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I generally use a rule of thumb that 500 nm is 1 hour of fuel


Fuel consumption depends highly on the plane and what speed you travel at (every aircraft has an optimum)

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I look at the fuel burn per hour and multiply it by the flight time (plus 1.5 extra hour) and that’s how many pounds I put in

I use fpltoif and it tells you how much fuel you need to put in

so i look out at the simbrief…the speed shown is in Mach right? so how do i convert TAS or GS to MACH? because Mach only shows at FL300 if im not mistaken. I tried knots to mach but it is overspeed.

About an hour 30 mins

Refer to the distance and set accordingly
You can refer to FR24 as well if you want to find out the EST for a route

Good evening, as my colleagues mentioned plan your future flights on (Simbrief.com). It is quite complete and the routes offered are often realistic.

However, I advise you to add more fuel to your tank.

It is to predict: the taxi time from the boarding gate until the moment of take-off, the waiting times to take off and even to land if there is a lot of traffic.

The fuel burn varies with your takeoff weight. Therefore, I measure my fuel burn via an actual flight test in the game and measure fuel burn per hour. My B-777 burns 5.3 tons of jet fuel per hour. (6t initial to 4.3 tons before descent.

yup…i tried simbrief and it is actually a real flight plan…but how u check the speed? the speed in Mach right? when in IF do u use ground speed convert to mach? because mach only shows at FL300 if im not mistaken.

it shows at FL280 or above!

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