Flight time a few minutes off actual time

My flight time for some flights is sometimes a bit out. E.g. my flight time was actually 10hrs and 15 mins when on IF it showed my flight time as 10hrs 10 mins any reason why this could be and does it happen to anyone else?

The flight time is only the time you are in the air for.

When are you timing your flight from?

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Basically when let say I take off at 11am and land at 9pm thats 10 hours flying but on my game for example it will say 9hrs 50 mins flight time instead of exactly 10 hours if you understand

I can’t say I’ve ever had an issue with flight time reading, if you have your replay then we can see exactly what time you took off and landed at to investigate further.

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So I did frankfurt to Johannesburg and the flight time should have been 10 hours 20 mins but it was 10 hrs 16 mins the timing was slightly out does that give a better idea?

If you could provide your replay then it would help track down any bug.

You can share it with sharemyinfiniteflight.com

Ok as I was away from my device for a length of the flight could it be due to a disconnection of the server maybe?

Normally flight time is recorded locally so I don’t think that would cause an issue

The replay would show any disconnections from the server though.

I think I see your issue here, let me know if the following is not what you are talking about:

This is the planned flight time

This is the actual flight time.

These two will most of the time differ slightly due to wind changes, speed adjustments in flight, and a bunch of other microscopic changes in the flight.

If you were using SimBrief of other planning software, that is where the 10hr 20min comes from.

The 10hrs. 16mins is the locally recorded flight time.

Notice how they are extremely close (< +|- 5 mins), so you know your planning software was quite accurate and is of high quality!

Hope this helped 😀

humm with a difference so small, I would say it’s just that the actual time was shorter because of your climb/descend speed. Maybe Simbrief thinks you will go slower than you go. Also, why worry about a 5 minute difference?

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