Flight Throwback

This collection of photos looks back on the very first flight I did in the 20.1 update.

Flight Details

Server: Expert
Flight Duration: 6hrs 50mins
Departure: VTBS 🇹🇭
Arrival: UIII 🇷🇺
Aircraft: B772
Airline: Nordwind


The baggage on board includes @Butter_Boi Rick Astley’s music collection, @KaiM’s PC’s, @TimR’s AFL ball, @RileyBozina’s Qantas 747 collection and @Z-Tube‘s EL AL aircraft collection.

Hope you enjoyed the photos!

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Stunning pictures, absolutely love the editing 😍


Un.Real. I’ve never seen such a realistic looking picture out of the hundreds and hundreds of topics I’ve seen. Seriously, these are incredible.


…I did not know an editor could do such a thing


You gotta thank @Suhas for telling me how to do it


The footy!!! 😍😍

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Yes thats correct, the good ol footy

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What! This is amazing. The second one is the best that I’ve ever seen

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The editing is awesome.

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Thanks so much 😊

Thank you 😊

I am sorry but this belongs in #real-world-aviation😂
Seriously though you did a really good job with these!

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That’s funny lol

I’d like to thank you all for the wonderful comments. Please vote which route I should do next.

  • Dubai to Helsinki
  • Sydney to Hong Kong
  • Tokyo Haneda to Rome

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