Flight Terminates

Looking for feed back regarding a message I got twice yesterday. Last night I started my long haul everything was normal then I got a text message on my phone I replied when I came back to the game literally 20 30 seconds I got a message on the screen that say

Then I got this message again earlier yesterday after I departed from Luton and in that case I answered that phone and when I hung up I got the same thing. I was just wondering since the update came out is this part of it because this is my only means of playing this awesome game and that will be a bummer.

Yes, it is supposed to do that.

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It Came With The Update I Believe.
You Should Keep Infinite Flight Running Without Using Background Apps At The Same Time (Before 19.2, You Would Be Kicked From Live)

I think you were using Infinite Flight running in the background with other apps, which was the problem.

Wow that sucks cause I cant afford to buy another device just 2use for infinite flight right now. Sometime I have to answer the phone or have to send a quick message. I can totally understand when communicating with ATC that you should have undivided attention like the new message/warning states before opening up a new game.

This has been implemented as tasking back & forth between Infinite Flight and other apps causes way to much issues on the Live servers in terms of communication between the controller & ATC. Pilots being “Unknown”, commands not being received on either ends and so forth.

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