Flight suggestions

Anybody know a 5-7 hour flight that I can do

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You can check out this topic below for some flight suggestions:

A casual route is flying from London to New York…

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JFK-LAX or lax to hnl

But wait isn’t that 8 hours? I did do from LHR to JFK and it took me 8 hours to fly.

Wanna try WSSS–>RJTT?

This was most likely do to the Jet streams in the northern hemisphere they travel from West to east and they can reach up to over 150 mph, for it to be qualified as a jet stream the winds must be at or above 50 knots. However I don’t think this makes every pocket of turbulent air where winds exceed 50 knots a jet stream. But back to the point the Jet streams flow from West to East, LHR-JFK is a route that flies from East to West so you could have experienced over 150 mph winds causing you’re flight to be severely delayed, however in real life pilots account for these severe increases in wind speed so they will accommodate that wind factor into their estimated flight time.

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Ah that make sense now

It can take from 5 to 7 hours depending on the aircraft and the winds.

PHL-DUB American Airlines B787
BDL-DUB Aer Lingus A321
SFB-MAN TUI Airlines 787-8
MCO/TPA-CDG Norwegian B787
IAD-GLA United Airlines B757
MCO-DUB Aer Lingus A330
MCO/TPA-SEA Delta Airlines B739

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