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Hi Everyone,

Currently self isolating due to symptoms of COVID. Has anyone got some flight suggestions for a short haul flight from the U.K. to Europe? Looking flights around 2 hours 30 min long. Cheers Zak

The B757 Route Database

the 757 has some really cool trip and flights i suggest you looking for a flight here


I would suggest taking a look in the topic linked below.

Another topic that could be helpful is this one.

Finally if you are looking for a certain lane I would look in this one.

I personally don’t have any good routes in the U.K. to Europe.

And the U.K. is in Europe.


Hey Zak!

The links provided above has some great ideas already.

If you want to do something a bit more different in the UK, a personal favorite of mine is doing a round trip across Scotland. It’s such a beautiful scenery. You can depart from Edinburgh and do some island hopping in Barra and Stornoway. Then over to Inverness before returning to Edinburgh 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

Most importantly though: Get well soon, all the best! 🍀

I would recommend EGLL to Zurich maybe or if longer do it from EIDW

Well, I always tell people this!

I suggest flying around Colorado in the Rocky Mountains, Take-off from either KEGE or KASE, and visit all the beautiful places, including the ski resorts, Gunnison, and other places in Colorado!

If I were to tell you all the places to visit in Colorado this would become an essay!

I recommend Gatwick - Madeira. A challenging landing if you’re up for it c:

Get well soon!

you can find many many flights on


and so many more

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