Flight suggestions?

Does anyone have any realistic flight suggestions? It can be anything as long as it’s a realistic route.


KSEA-PAJN Alaskan 738 very nice route


Ok I will consider that thanks

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I believe it’s called Alaska, but nice suggestion.

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I just completed KSEA-PHKO in the newly reworked Delta 757-200!


EGPH-LEPA on Ryanair 737 or Jet2 737
EGNM-LEPA on Ryanair 737, Jet2 737 or Jet2 757

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I like the EGPH - LEPA route, flown it many times before!

I mean there are so many cool ones that you can’t even name just a few. I would suggest looking at similar topics in the IFC or at FlightRadar24

Yes true good idea

You can use any number of programs and apps to find where to fly. Personally I use Flightradar24 because I find it to be quite accurate. You could also look into joining Virtual Airlines, VA’s, to fly realistic routes.

Yes I was thinking about joining Aerlingus va

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sounds like a nice flight ill do it

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It is very beautiful, amazing approach through the the snowy mountains 🏔

Singapore Changi Airport(SIN/WSSS) to Sydney Kingsford International Airport(SYD/YSSY)
Singapore Airlines Airbus A350-900

I would Suggest KBWI to KLAS with the SWA 737-800

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