Flight suggestions

Hello everyone!

Im planning on doing a 16hr flight today
And so i thought about asking you guys for any flights suggestion it would be much appreciated (:



This is a very good thread and should give you many flights of your preferences!


Thx but i did not ask for any website 🙃

Either way, it’s got what you want. All of them are community suggestions!

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Here Is also a weekly route!

Short-Long Hual
Please search before posting :)

You could do KLAX - VHHX. Kai Tak is on the IFATC tommorow

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To avoid clogging up the forum, use the links above, use flightradar24, or use FPLtoIF.com for random flight suggestions. I will be flagging to close this, have a great day.

Happy flying! 👨‍✈️

Ace out! ✌️

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Be cool folks. There is a slight hint of passive aggressiveness in some of these replies. A simple link of the the pertinent topic and a cool, calm, collect reply is all that is needed. Be a little more welcoming please. Thanks!