Flight suggestions

Alright IFC, need some help picking flights. I have a 500 dollar voucher from American Airlines and need help finding some place to go. Months are late may, June,July weekends only. Home airport is KLIT so it must start from there.! Happy finding. And any suggestions are welcome! I’m always down with meeting people who play IF.


I know MIA is a nice place to go during the summer.


Head to the beautiful Bay Area in California! It’s really nice here if you don’t count the earthquakes

If you are near KDFW, fly to KSJC since it is normally cheaper than going to the nearby KSFO

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The Mile High City is great in the summer. Starting from $492 one way:


I would recommend Denver as well. I’ve been there plenty of times and it’s a “different” experience than any other us city but has many things to do. Just go where you see attractions that attract you.

😂😂 $492 one way. I guess that’s what you get with smaller airports. Good luck!

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That’s 492 a round trip. Down and back

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Oh, seems like a good deal for you. But are you sure??

It says “round trip” on it

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Come down to the surface of the sun in Phoenix, AZ. Gotta love the 120* heat in the summer. And the best part is the low will only be like 94. 🌞

Hmmmmm… I know Las Vegas is popular to go in the summer, how bout that?

Been in PHoenix! Lovely place

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Well I have a sigestion, let’s see if we can gues what🙃

You guessed it, Pittsburgh! The city of bridges…

Pittsburgh is a beautiful city, especially during the spring. Nestled between Virginia and Ohio Pittsburgh sits at the meeting of the Monongahela, and Allegheny Rivers, wich meen to create the Ohio river. The Ohio is also fueled by a fourth underground river for those of you who did not know. Also the Monongahela river is roumored to have a downed WWII era bomber. The meeting place of two rivers has for years thought to be a speritual place for natives, and ancient people. Now though the city is on the front lines of technological development, with companies like Uber testing self driving cars here. And yes you can get a ride in them. Now since we all like aviation let’s talk about KPIT for a moment. Air Transport World Magazine announced that KPIT was 2017 air port of the year, and that is a big deal for an airport like this, that is a major award for an airport. But that is just one of many awards this airport has gotten. Now when you talk about Pittsburgh you can’t forget about the art, Pittsburgh is acclaimed for its art around the world. We have been lucky enough to see artists such as Andy Warhol. This, and the large Central European population they imagrated here in the 1950s have given this city a very cultural basis. Many of these imagrints helped form this city such as Andrew Carnegie. He may be this city’s most important figure. For years Pittsburgh churned out steel that helped win WWII, and produced household goods for everyone else, and we can thank Carnegie for that. Now many of Pittsburgh’s greatest attractions are named for him such as the Carnegie Science center, or Natural History Musame. Immigrants from Poland also gave Pittsburgh what is possibly its most recognizable features, Parogies! Now I unfortunately have missed out on this as due to my being allergic to eggs, but parogies anre super good, and some people dressed as them run around befor pirates games, so what’s not to love? Now you can’t talk about Pittsburgh with out sports, here we are very proud of our sport teams. The Pittsburgh Steelers currently hold the most Lombardy trophies, and the penguins just wor the Stanley cup twice in a row, and may be on track to make it three! The Zoo wich is one of only 6 major zoos to combine an aquarium is another major attraction in the region. The zoo has helped many spices, and does such work as an example when 9 African painted dog puppies were born and the mother died later that day, they used a domestic dog from a local dog shelter as a serigit mother, and saved 60% of the puppies, higher than the average survival rate. Check here for eaven more coolness about Pittsburgh… 10 Reasons to Visit Pittsburgh | Rough Guides

Now let’s talk the flight…

Looks as good as the other flights, main benefit being getting to see an amazing city such as Pittsburgh, there really an in nothing like this place, so come check it out…🙃

I wonder if my English teacher is on the forum, becuais I think I just wrote my three paragraph essay for this quarter!

Also weather is mobile, rarely rains in the summer, and temps are rarely below 70 and rarely above 80…

Got “family” in PIT and visited multiple times. Great city

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Looks like I spent my time well😂

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Might be able to submit that as my fourth quarter argumetitve essay though!

Three paragraphs, what are you in 6th grade? 😂 Try 5 pages!


Try 10 0.o