Flight Suggestions for JetBlue A320-200?

Looking for flights, that are actually flown in real life, by the JetBlue A320.


Long Beach to San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, Las Vegas, Bozeman, Salt Lake City, New York, Boston, Austin, Reno, Palm Springs (special for COVID-19).

I rest my case.


Can you do it in a list in this format?:
_____ to_____

Buffalo to Orlando is a great flight! Flew on this route at least 30 times

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Try New York to San Juan, Puerto Rico


Erm, no thanks.

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Why not do it in that format?


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Hi! there i want Dallas to Orlando

Lol Long Beach to everywhere 😂

I could practically give you an endless list for this 😂
Some are New York JFK to Orlando, Tampa, Fort Lauderdale, Jacksonville, Fort Myers, Nassau, San Juan, Saint Maarten, Cancun, Long Beach, Portland (PDX), Denver, Salt Lake City, Kingston, New Orleans, Boston, Savannah, Charleston, Atlanta, the list goes on!

Boston/New York- Long Beach. It’s from one hub to another and a great alternative to the typical LAX. Anywhere from the NYC area to Florida is also really good too (EWR, JFK, LGA, SWF, HPN)

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Fort Laauderdale to Lax

Fort Lauderdale (KFLL) to San Juan (TJSJ) is a great route I think you should try. It’s a route packed with beautiful scenery with the light blue Caribbean waters the whole trip. The flight is usually around 2 hours and 30 minutes, depending on your speed.

KBOS-KPHX and back
KFLL-KLGB and back
KJFK-KLAX and back

Fort-Lauderdale - San Juan

Orlando - San Juan

New-York - San Juan

KJFK-KSLC. That would be what I recommend considering that I’m kinda biased to DEN and SLC.

You Can try:
MCO-SJU Flight Time: 2:45
FLL-DFW Flight Time: 2:50
JFK-SFO Flight Time: 6:00
LAX-EWR Flight Time: 5:40
EWR-TPA Flight Time: 2:40
EWR-FLL Flight Time: 2:45

I’ll add more tomorrow

I know this has been said but Do New York to San Juan it is a beautiful route I have flown it in real life great flight! Fun fact my neighbor was the Pilot I was using his buddy pass.