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Hey guys, I have looked through the flight suggestions for global, and I cannot find one that really pleases me, could anyone suggest a good, Medium haul 3/5 hour flight, that has Amsterdam Schipol/Paris Charles as an arrival or departure point.
P.S I have already done a flight to Lisbon. Please do not suggest this.

VocĂŞ poderia fazer um voo de Paris para Gibraltar

Hey there!

I suggest checking out this topic. There are many, many, many flights to choose from!

Enjoy! :)

Try searching around the forum and the internet a bit if none of these please you. I’m sure you’ll find one that tickles your fancy.

Tyler found a few very nice routes.

have a look through “Flight Tracker” or “Flight Aware” that will give you plenty of sugegstions as well as recomended aircraft and flight plans.

There are lots of simular threads suggest that you have a sewrch there as well ;-)

happy landings

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