Flight strips displaying 'unknown' when using ATC

I think I vaguely remember this being brought up before, but I can’t find it…

Today on ATC playground, I was controlling YSSY (Sydney Kingsford Smith in Sydney region).

A number of aircrafts flight strips suddenly displayed as ‘unknown’ and I was unable to send them any commands. They were definitely still there, as I could see them on the radar screen, from the visual tower view, and they were sending me requests.

Apologies to those pilots I left stranded, there was a few people holding short sending me takeoff requests and I simply didn’t have the option to respond… I let it sit for about 5-6 mins hoping it would fix itself, but it didn’t. It wasn’t my internet etc, as I could still communicate with the 7-8 other aircraft on my tower frequency…

Hmmm. That is weird. I am assuming you have already left the tower, but if this happens again, exit out to the home screen and try again. Also, it could be a server issue.

I too have had this issue, whilst taxiing suddenly all aircraft disappeared, their white squares were still there and they were all on the radar, though when selecting their icons the details it came up with were ‘Unknown-unknown’

Very odd.