Flight stops after the device automatically switches off

I left my device alone with a flight from LAX-SFO running to get some work done.
Upon returning , I saw that the flight had ended.
How can I fix the issue?
Pls help

Hi! Did you make sure to leave Infinite Flight running?

yes infinite flight was running

Hmm, what did you see when you came back? Also, just to clarify, you did not switch off your device, right?

i saw that infinite flight had stopped
when i opened it, the menu appeared and the flight had ended

i had not switched it off

“Flight stops after the device automatically switches off”

Infinite Flight doesn’t run in the background. This includes when the device (screen) is fully switched off. If this is what your device does I image there is a setting to stop this from occurring.

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Looks like an app crash.

OK. Thanks!

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To prevent this from happening in the future, check this out!


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