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Hello everyone

Can Any staff help me ? I started a flight from Doha to Melbourne and i cant See my flight in the liveflight App. What Happened With My flight ? Maybe crashed or something im actually on work now the flight is on my other device. Callsign was Qatari 904

Have you ensured that you’re looking on the right server? LiveFlightApp provides service for all 3 servers, and it’s possible that you’re not looking at the right one.

Yeah i started my flight on the expert server
And i Look on Expert Server in the liveflight App but cant See my flight. Maybe a Internet disconnection or something ?

Its very possible, I looked your flight up in: IF Flightplan Tools | Flight Status and nothing pops up. Its very possible that something hapenned that cuasd the disconection from the server.

It is possible that your flight may have lost internet connection, your device has crashed or even ran out of battery. Bottom line is that there are a multitude of reasons as to why your flight isn’t showing on the website itself.


Last Time when i look on the app i was near that circle

remember your cruising height?

Aright Thanks ! I Hope i got not a violation or something 😒

As much as I wish to help, there’s really nothing more we can do since your flight isn’t showing on the website. Whether it has crashed or not, you’ll really only find out once you reach home and see your device for yourself.

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If your app crashed, you won’t receive a violation.

well, although my question doesn’t make sense, I thought it might crash, but I see that it was already almost halfway through the flight, so it is something that could be ruled out

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Aright i Need to Go Home After my work and See what Happens with my flight. Thanks everyone to try to help me :)


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