Flight Speed >350 Knots

First of all please tell me if this does not belong in the support category.

When I was flying today I saw that some people were exceeding 350 knots using the same plane I was in (I was in an airbus 319 and they were in a 321, so sort of the same plane) and as I was at 21,000 feet going 345kts, they were at 30,000 feet going around 420kts. This may have been because they were at a higher altitude, or they were just exceeding the speed limit. If anyone could help me with this that would be great.

Also, I know this varies on the wind, pressure etc, but in general, what is the speed limit above 29,000 feet for an airbus A300 series? I fly at M .77 but I just want to confirm.

Thank You!


The one you see is Ground Speed of the planes ;)

They are still flying below 350KIAS :)


I’ll echo what @SingaporeAirlines said about the speed. However I’ll also add that the regions are so small there is absolutely no reason to climb to a Mach altitude FL280 or go that fast. Slow down


This does not belong in support. :)