Flight Sit Time

I was wondering how long a plane is at the gate after it lands and before it leaves for its next flight, and what is the minimum time a plane sits at the gate before turning back arounds for its next flight? Please let me know, thank you!

I once heard in a video that Ryanair does it in ~ 10 mins

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I usually sit about an hour. In real life my experience has been about an hour on the ground between flights. About 20-30 to debark and about 30 to board and push.

Many will follow the schedule found online at flightradar24, flightaware and other sites.


Definitely not true, refueling, deboarding, catering, and reboarding takes way longer than 10 minutes. I’d say about an hour as Chris said. The average time for refueling an aircraft is 20-25 minutes plus boarding and deboarding being another 30.


I do 30 mins boarding before I push

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That what I thought but who knows, maybe they use the leftover fuel lol 😂

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I know that most international flights are on the ground for at least an hour. Some domestic flights which depart for the same destination they’d just come from (eg. SYD-CFS-SYD) sit for around 30 minutes before leaving again.


Thank you everyone!

Ryanair aim to do a turn around in 40 minutes max to save money. They will load fuel at their hub for the return flight aswell as catering and the only cleaning is done by the crew in about a 5-10 minute period while passengers are coming off and on.

It is impressive how quickly they do it all.

Just did a little quick Google search and they sometimes do it in less than half an hour.


Depends on the length of a flight. If it’s a long haul flight it can take anywhere from 3 to 8hrs since it has to deboard, clean service, food service, new pilots, fuel service, boarding can take pretty long from what I’ve seen, but short haul shouldn’t take more than 1h to 3h.


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