Flight Simulators in Melbourne

Has anyone been or know of a good Flight simulation in Melbourne?

I’ve been looking at Flight Experience Melbourne and Flight Deck Experience.

Hello Liam,

As a fellow Melburnian, I would strongly recommend Flight Experience Melbourne at the QV Center in the city.

Below is a topic that I created of my experience I had there. I hope it helps you out!


flight simulators are very easy cause we play infinite flight

Thanks Declan! I was thinking about that one but wasn’t quite sure if it was “the one” but now I rekon I’ll go there when I first get a chance. Thanks very much for the recommendation.

What would you recommend for time?

In regards to time, it depends on what your budget is but I would strongly recommend the 90 minute package if it is within your budget because the time flies by (pardon the pun) in the simulator as you’re having so much fun!

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