Flight Simulator history and amazing home developments

I think its been mentioned before,

but just because of the last IF update, the quality of the aircraft and animations, the ATC feature, actual weather, the possibility to see other traffic and so on…
…it made me think where we all came from, back in the 80’s when it all started ( I am one of the old guys).

For the younger ones, take a minute and watch this:
It will boost your appreciation of what the IF developers have achieved even further (…I know, you do it anyway:-)
and believe me, we sat in front of those amigas, apple’s, 386, early pentiums and were as amazed as you are today.
…and we are not yet at the top of the possibilities

and then I came across an incredible story.
Watch this:
the Caravelle, one of the most amazing and elegant aircraft I have ever seen, but what the guy is about to do is remarkable.


source: uTube


This is really cool actually!


I just wonder what this guy does for living

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Should this be moved to RWA?

I thought about this too, but RWA (I guess its means real world aviation) covers real world aircraft and this story is about simulators, and one is just using a real part of an aircraft.

That’s when I came to the conclusion, fair enough for me;-) and nobody will be harmed

Man these are old. I never new the difference from back then to now with 3D planes and a new modern HUD.