Flight Simulator 2020

Does anyone think that the release of the new FS 2020 is going to impact the pilot base on our platform? Just wanted to start a conversation and see where other pilots are at. I think we have a very niche community and we will be fine. But I want to hear some thoughts from you. What do you guys think?


Some people can’t afford to have a device capable of running something as graphically powerful as MFS. That’s where us mobile sims come in. Those people may definitely stay 😉

Although some people have in fact managed to save up for it, the IF base I think may remain the same but some but not many members may be less active. The overall impact may be rather small



I believe it may make a minor impact tsince some users may be fascinated with the game for a short while at first, for those who have a PC or Xbox capable of handling the game.

Remembering that IF is on two different platforms, meaning you’d be able to play both at once.


Nope. Im getting MSFS2020 but will still play IF every day that I can.


If i can afford a device capable of running MFS2020, fancy controls and full set up; i will definitely get it but unfortunately I know by heart that i cannot

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Unless it somehow comes to mobile then I don’t think anyone needs to worry. They are two completely different markets. If you do get it enjoy!

Happy Flying :)


I do believe that if you are able and willing to get a flight simulator for PC, you would already have one, regardless of FS2020, as already some great products are available. Hence I don’t expect that we see more persons move to PC than we currently see. It’s just a completely different world with its own advantages and disadvantages in my opinion.

IF is the market leader for mobile flight simulators with a great community and all that, and that isn’t going to change with FS2020.


That’s meee^^^^ the last topic like this got closed so let’s keep this on topic 👍👍.

I personally will stick to IF Till I am able to either get that ^^^^^^ and once MFS gets as many good liveries and planes as IF does

Great take by Nate here- I’m not willing to invest a large amount of money into MSFS at this point in my life, and I’m happy and satisfied with the convenience of IF currently.


Well, you cannot carry a pc all day

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Who knows! I think it could drop traffic for a small amount of time. But then folks will remember they can’t play a PC all day. Like you cab with your iPad ;)

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As has been mentioned above, Infinite Flight is one of, if not the best mobile flight simulators out there. Yes, MFS 2020 is coming out but the thing that makes Infinite Flight, Infinite Flight is exactly where I’m writing this… the community.

There isn’t many other flight simulators out there that have an online forum with the activity levels, participation and amount of active users as this one. What makes Infinite Flight so special in my opinion is the friendships that you make with people from all across the globe.


Pretty much what Yacht said. I don’t have money to invest into a 1400$ PC, 400$ in control surfaces and airliner add-ons, ect. So for the next while. It’s IF. I don’t think traffic will drop signifigantly. if players had money to invest into a PC they already would’ve.


We are mobile, they are not. Two different markets entirely.