Flight Sim Show - Tracking Thread

With the start of Flight Sim Show just 3 hours away (at the time of typing) and Laura and Jason taking to the stage just 30 minutes later, I think it’s about time we had a tracking thread and started to get excited.
Note: This thread is no excuse to go off topic. All posts that are off topic will be flagged as such.
If you aren’t posting an update on what is being announced, try to answer these questions, or your own (relevant) one;
So what are your predictons? Are you going? If not, are you watching it via livestream?


I’m in the car currently travelling to the FlightSim Show at 7am…

I am hoping for:

Confirmation of South America HD Scenery before 2019
Scenery for South East Asia
(Maybe) Topography above 60’N and below 60’S

A330 Rework Confirmation
737 Spilt Scimitars Confirmation
Wing Flex for more aircraft (possibly 747 rework with wing flex)

(Possibly…) A350 - towards the end of 2019


Is this topic really necessary? I mean there’s already a thread for Flight Sim Show. Why not post in there?


Didn’t see that one. Sorry!

I’ll leave it up to the mods, but if this gets closed I understand ;)

What’s the official time for the announcements?

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I believe the FDS is ding the first announcements of the day and they start at 9:30am London time.

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It’s 12:00AM where I’m at so won’t hear the results until tmrw 😦

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Thanks a lot, so in an hour and 40 min!

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Actually maybe I’ve got that wrong. It’s 1930 Melbourne (Australia) time, and 9:30am at the location of the show, but maybe I’ve messed up my conversions.


Duplicate topic, as mentioned above :)