Flight sim expo

Just watching the flight sim expo interview with Laura and Jason

Laura I also was an avid fan of unlimited flight ,2,3. Moving foward to flight sim 98 onwards to fs 10 pmdg which in the last two years has been constantly replaced those then infinite flight came along and I now only fly infinite flight I would like to take this time to thank you both for taking part in the interview its really cool that Jason mentioned the some 50000 strong within this community great to hear

I hope the further publication of infinite flight brings more new and experienced pilots from where i came from, my fixed position of a desk chair with my expensive rig dreaming of fresh air and flight combined.

With infinite flight anything is possible your no longer restricted to sitting inside and I love it maybe I suggest a sun glare screen cover for ultimate enjoyment outside however this is a great selling point

You guys touched on third party input for aircraft and scenery my understanding of this is that a lot of Instability can be caused by third party input and freedom to release .

I see all the time member complaining about the time it takes to make or release new updates and aircraft personally it takes as long as it takes to deliver the product bang on first time THANKYOU FDS AND INFINITE FLIGHT DEV TEAM AND THE MODERATORS your all doing an awesome job

Expert controllers you guys know your awesome
Thankyou for your efforts

I’d also like to enquire where can I get an infinite flight t shirt or hoody

Thanks for reading


I see from your profile that you live in the UK and IF shirts are currently only in the US on Amazon. But they are going to try to expand to Europe soon but they said no promises yet

Can in order from US and pay the haulage to the UK

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Unfortunately this is what Amazon says. But if you have a friend or someone in the US you could ship it to them, then they ship it to you

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Johan, I’ll hit you up on the IPP group about it bc I’m getting a couple of shirts next week.

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Cheers patria

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