Flight sim advice

I was hoping someone may have suggestions regarding which of the flight sims out there are worth while. I’ve been stuck with iPads for 4 years and finally got tired of only using iPads. So I’ve been exclusively using IF and Aeroflly. What are the best sims out there for a MAC user? From what I’ve determined FSX is definitely out of the question for mac users due to compatibility. If it helps I’m not really into air combat sims. Love my Infinite Flight since the day it came out; just curious as to what else is out there for me.


Hey Cory,
Welcome to the community! You will find a lot of informative and useful information on here.

We are all a bit slanted towards Infinite Flight here, but for mobile you have, Aerofly, X-Plane Mobile, and the 10 Rortos games. Since you’re on an Infinite Flight forum, I am biased and will have to say Infinite Flight is by for the best. Our plane graphics, and live mode especially, put us ahead of them. For Mac I have X-Plane and it is amazing. I don’t know where it stands with FSX since I don’t have any experience with it.
Whichever ones you choose have fun:)

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Welcome :) I suggest IF and Aerofly 2 :)

Yeah, I use IF and AeroFly 2 almost daily for the past several years from the iOS platform. Also, Xplane MOBILE is nice but I feel like its more arcade-y. I guess for MAC users the pool of sims (either high end apple desktop or high end apple MacBooks) is a bit limited. So, full size Xplane I guess dominates the Apple platform.


Hehe i also prefere AF2 over X10 mobile :)

It seems like your two choices are Flightgear and X-Plane 10. I don’t own a Mac, so can’t give much advice except FG is free. You can find some comparisons and reviews on YouTube, although probably to FSX and not directly to each other. You probably need to weigh the importance is things like graphics, regions and planes you like to fly, and realism of the physics.

High end graphics, detailed and pretty moderately functional flight decks. Commercial aircraft (prop and/or jet) like Dash 8 up to heavies and supers. I take it I can’t run something like FSX Steam edition on a MAC can I?

Am I the only one who can’t get Aerofly due to an outdated device?

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Same here xD

It depends on what specs you got

If you got Intel HD graphics then say goodbye to flight sims, or you can Dow load X-plane 9.

Tell me your Mac’s spec please.

In App Store (Mac) you can find aerofly for Mac with very beautiful textures,but without civil aircrafts

New Aerofly update only support 64 bit processor now :/

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so annoying, but back on IF xD

I found out about this a few weeks ago. I emailed them about it yesterday. This is a part of their email they send back to me:

“If you have lost or deleted the older aerofly 2, our developers are working on a solution for this issue. The best solution is for Apple to make available the older version of aerofly 2 in AppStore. Alternatively, our developers are looking into the possibility of a compatible update for 32-bit iOS Devices.”

I use an iPad 4 by the way.

What’s better is that our SoCal is free, and has a lot more airports.

I used an awful MacBook Air with Intel HD Graphics to play X-Plane 10 and it ran at 40 fps. YES, that is willing to set everything on low-medium quality and have terrible render distance, but it did work.

which one? 3000 4000 5000? etc…

Just a reminder: this is an Infinite Flight forum.

You are more than welcome to discuss other simulators for desktop on one of the many desktop sim forums out there. However, keep in mind that this forum is aimed specifically at discussions about Infinite Flight.

On another note, there will be more information in the future about a desktop version of Infinite Flight.


IF on a desktop!! :D :D, will it be on Mac as well??

MacBook Air mid 2013
Intel HD 5000
250GB Disk Space
Some graphics card 1024 MB