Flight Sim 2018 | RAF Cosford 6/10/18

Thanks, Ewen!

PS I’m glad you made it out of the room of mustached men. That was a close one.


Or take a look at a local taxi company and compare prices 🤷🏽‍♂️

Time to go!


Have a safe flight Seb! I am only leaving tomorrow.

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Is this the tracking thread for Flight Sim 2018?

Where you flying from and to

I would say yes. If you want more news go here!

Ok thanks 👍

Stockholm, Arlanda (ESSA) to LHR.


Lucky that you have a direct flight. I have to fly from Basel LFSB to Frankfurt EDDF and form there to Birmingham EGBB.

More flights the better 😏


I’ll be at the show, but I won’t be at the meetup because I’m going to the Welsh Rally.

It’s not exactly direct… an hour or 2s drive north to Birmingham from LHR. I would rather 2 flights haha

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This sounds suspiciously like an uprising… should I gather my troops? Haha


I know 😉 All of those photo opportunities. I just bought a new camera (sony A7 III) It will also be my first time on Lufthansa and my fist time on a CRJ.

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Really wish I could come, but it’s a bit far from down here in NZ. Hopefully there’s something close by that I can attend.

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2h is nothing. My brother @Nick_Wing is already in the U.K. and he went by car. It took 2 days!

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It’s something when you’re sad on the M25 for most of it #UndertandThePain


I guess your flying on Lufthansa, I always book as many legs as possible for my journey. Have a nice flight and enjoy your time everyone!

Thank you! I must say I only have 1h 30min to change and the flight from basel is sometimes 1h delayed😬.

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