Flight Sim 2018 | RAF Cosford 6/10/18

I’ll just send LiveFlight a bill for that then.


Will it come to Scotland

If someone wants to pay for my tickets, then I’ll go 😉

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I’ll pay for you here’s the money 💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💳💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵

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Cam has set up a charity to bring everyone over to Wolverhampton, I’m sure you can be one of the one he helps.

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Brilliant. I will 100% be there!! @Matt see you there?

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I wish it was in Australia because then I would definitely come.

Hmm do I book the AA flight to there so I can go annoy @Adam_Williams in person as well as meet the other One World admin and friend @Matt in person? Tough decision, will come down to what the wifey thinks on this one.


Hoping to go. Might see you there!!!

@LouDon Certainly will be in the afternoon/evening! Morning is looking iffy at the moment.

@Chris_Hoover this has certainly got to be enough reason to come!


A bit of bribery goes a long way…

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Not sure how you’re struggling with that decision, it’s pretty obvious isn’t it?


I will try and come but that it will probably involve a flight from switzerland😏.

I’ll be flying overhead on the simulator…watching from above. 👁👁

I wish I knew about the Las Vegas one I am very close to there!

Its confirmed now for me. Im coming, see you all there!!!


Actually things changed… I looked into it and I will be there, can`t wait for that. hope to see many there to finally give some Faces to the names :)



Hey, Everyone!

I’m excited to meet those that are attending this event! I am going to invite those on social media to report here if they’re attending if they haven’t already so we can get an idea of numbers.

Like at FlightSimExpo in Las Vegas, we will plan a time and location for Infinite Flight community members to meet up and get to know each other. Our time in Vegas as a group was so fun, and a great chance for us to solidify friendships and build new relationships.

As we get closer, I will provide more information. In the mean time, thanks for all of your enthusiasm! More to come!



Tickets bought train booked and hotel nearly booked. See y’all there, can’t wait to meet everyone!

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I should be there. Hopefully I can combine it with a trip to the Mach Loop and the Welsh Rally.


I will be there I have my ticket already.

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