Flight Sim 2018 | RAF Cosford 6/10/18

I feel like it needs labels so I know who’s who 😂


I hope that everyonie enjoyed today! 😊

Lots of fun! Everyone is a lot taller in person than pictures! 😂

Poor Jay.


Are you in that photo?

I was there. Spent some time at the IF booth flying through the Mach Loop (typical). Whilst there I felt it necessary to remind @schyllberg of my glorious Death Star feature request. I then got carried away looking at all the Cold War stuff in the museum. I had to leave at 1300 to go to the rally in Wales. I also got a 1/72 scale Tornado GR.4 from the shop.


Sounds like someone has a secret crush… Watch out Cam!

BTW Seb that beard looks even more Mighty than usual 😍😂


Next to Jason, and in front of Misha and Phillipe. Repping that IF Sticker!


I’ll admit, I thought that Jason might be a little taller but I’m not complaining. He’s a nice guy


Just to confirm, because I am getting conflicting answers. Was it or was it not announced that the Concorde would soon be added to the sim?

It was not announced. Just someone trying to create confusion.

And now I’m sad again.

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What was announced?

The A-10 and 9 new liveries, live replay


Nothing we don’t already know.

What’s that? I have never heard of an A-10.

any chance the new Alaska Airlines liveries is included in that?


The A-10 is a jet fighter developed to support ground troops. It’s equipped with a machine gun and bombs. It’s used by the US Air Force, we already have it in the game, it’s just a rework.

Alright. Back to the livery question, did they announce which liveries?

Sorry about me asking all these questions. I can’t seem to find the livestream link.