Flight Sim 2018 | RAF Cosford 6/10/18

Yep! I’ll be hosting a “takeover” of the BAVA Instagram and am planning on Livestreaming the presentation.


Thank you! I’m gonna have to wait to watch it because it’s gonna be 4:45 AM in my time when it will be streamed lol.

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Do you guys think they are going to introduce new airplanes?

I would hope so, or at least what next for the future of IF

There is a lot they could talk about, I think every single feature request with more than 100 votes is waiting for an “official” response.

Follow the ATC Education Group on Instagram to get another vantage point from the Flight Sim 2018 at the Infinite Flight booth, in case you missed the chance to go!

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4 hours left before the big announcement!

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You can also watch this one.

I know what you mean. I once had to sit on the M25 going from J3-J15 for 3 HOURS!
That was painful!

Anyway I have just arrived in Birmingham and now walking to the event location from the car park :)

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Only an hour an 25 till their presentation!

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Guys, I would recommend following @ifcmagazine on Instagram. They are gonna livestream everything.


Is anyone live streaming right now?

Woldwide is live!

Come join our livestream on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/ifcmagazine/

LIVE REPLAY AND A-10 CONFIRMED COMING soon. With exporting replays.


Thats it… Its great but no 737 mention… Was hoping for more hype.


Or A330 for that matter.


She just mentioned about the 737


I didnt catch what she said, anyone hear…

Only confirmed a10 rework, no word bout anything else. And live replay

The new wheels and wingflex. Possibly a new cockpit too