Flight Schools

Don’t know for sure if this belongs here or not, but I am want to know if anyone on this forum has attended a flight school somewhere in the southern US, eastern US/Canada or the Caribbean that they would personally recommend.


Me I attend Star Flight Training in ROA
Working to get my license


Also I would also look at Liberty University at


I would recommend ATP flight school. They have 37 locations throughout the US for you to find the right one for you. It is also the fastest way to get to the airlines such as Delta, American, and United. You can learn more about it here

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Embery Rittle in South Florida. Correct my spelling. I’m considering that school in 4 years

Embry Riddle

I plan to in the future, but Flight Schools are Bloody Expensive

I’ll try to save up ;)

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I dont recommend ERAU.I am looking into Centennial Aviation Academy in Atlanta,GA.

Embry Riddle is fantastic school although I’ve heard it’s extremly difficult and is expensive.

Please elaborate on this.

How is purdue?

I recommend Henderson state university

Take a look at Western Michigan University, they’ve got one of the most advanced fleets out of the part 141 schools. I also highly recommend that you get your private pilot’s license before enrolling, most of these flight schools are short on instructors, and tend to favor those with their privates, or previous flight experience.

Exactly, its expensive and difficult

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What if you parents won’t let you getting your ppl before collage because they won’t let you go up in a small plane

I recommended Alpha One Flight School in Plymouth, MA (KPYM)

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Pilot flight academy at Notodden and Sandefjord in Norway!

Any good Flight Schools in Texas? Preferably in Houston?

It’s my first year in Atlantic flight training Academy.i started in October

I go to Encore Flight Academy in Van Nuys (KVNY). It has the largest fleet for any flight school in Los Angeles, so we never run out of planes/flights.