Flight schools, Massachusetts USA

Hello IFC. So I figured this would be a great place to reach out and get some recommendations.

Currently i will be going into my senior year of high school in about a month

I live in the Boston area of Massachusetts and really want to begin my training for a private pilot license

I am willing to put in the time and effort along with a natural love and passion for aviation

I really want to learn under a basis of focusing on flying not like it is a checklist and let’s get this and that checked off… I want the most rigorous and well rounded in depth schooling

If anyone can recommend flight schools in Massachusetts or Rhode Island it would be much appreciated and if this topic is in the wrong thread please let me know! Thank you all in advance!


I think this topic belongs in the real world Aviation category

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@Nathan @Bobby maybe you have some suggestions


Thank you!!! Was not sure if i should have posted it there but thanks now it’s correct 😁

I’m not sure but don’t you need A bachelors degree in aviation and other airplane subjects to join a flight school?

I heard that from some places

Nope 😁 this is for a PPL so GA them instrument rating and so on after that in the future

I’m A student pilot so divert your questions to me :)

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Will do!!! For now I’m just looking for recommendations of flight schools in my area but will definitely contact you if I have questions down the road 👍😁

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I take my flying lessons out of Northampton (7B2) and I have to say they have an amazing flight school. Their aircraft are very well-maintained, they have a variety of aircraft to train in as well as numerous instructors, and I always have a pleasant and friendly experience there.

Now, granted that you are out in the Boston area, it would be a long drive for you (~2 hours each way) - so I’m not sure if you would be willing to do that. But if so, I highly recommend them.

To get started with them, you would book an introductory flight lesson which is a flat $99. After that, aircraft are rented wet (including fuel/oil) on top of instructor fees.

You can visit their website here. I’ve done all my flight training through them (almost through PPL) so let me know if you have any questions about the school or the process I’ve gone through.


I would recommend Westfield flight academy I have take. Some lessons there and they were great. It’s a Barnes airport where the New England air national guard is so you will see f15 there

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Do you need to go to university before going to a flight school?

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Thanks for the tag, @Dylan_M.

@Kryzlot: Unfortunately, I don’t know of any flight schools in MA as I’m not pursuing a pilot’s license at this time. I have a friend who is though, and he takes his classes up in Stow at Minuteman Field. You should look into that if you want – I don’t have the name of the school however.

Sorry I couldn’t be much help. Glad to see another MA resident though. I’ve lived in Boston my whole life. Nice to meet you. :)


North Central Flight Center and AirVentures at North Central State Airport in Smithfield, RI. AeroVenture at Mansfield Municipal in Mansfield, MA. Do not go to Horizon Aviation in Warwick, RI, it’s way too expensive. The owner is in it to rip people off.

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No you do not.

A quick google search will do justice but there is many flight schools I’m sure in MA. There’s a lot of topics on the IFC about flight schools and what you need in order to pursue a career in the airlines

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Not to do flight school no. You might be getting confused with a commercial pilot, and yes you need a bachelor to do that.

Regionals: No degree nessacary but it is preferable
Mainline: Yes you need a bachelors in anything you what! It can be basket weaving.

But side note, I think airlines are going away with the degrees not 100 percent sure though

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Depends what you mean by ‘go To a school’??

To flight instruct?
To work?
To be A student pilot?

I work at my flight school and don’t need any qualifications. All I need is a health and safety airport test and a radio license

You don’t need a bachelor degree to become a pilot 🤣