Flight Schools in Michigan, Ohio, Indiana areas

Greetings everyone,

If anyone is at all familiar with the reputations of flight schools (not at a college or college affiliated) anywhere in Michigan, Ohio, or Indiana, please let me know which one(s) you would recommend. I have been doing some research and I decided that I do not want an aviation degree, as it then limits what I am able to pursue after a retirement from the military.

Thank you in advance!

I’m my honest opinion aviation degree / universities are a waste of money.

Two options:
Join a flying club.

Go to a school like Allatps.com it is expensive(70k I think) but (cheaper than 90% of the aviation universities out there) it’s very very fast paced. and you will get done fast. I mean you will have no life(fly 2-4 hrs a day and study 6-8 hrs) outside of flying and studying for 120 days, but you come away with all your certs. At lot fail out since they can’t handle it, so know that you will have to be dedicated to flying and studying for over 3 months. once you get your job as a cfi you can build time while you can go to school to pursue a 4 yr degree( major airlines require this)

Right now your seniority number is everything. The sooner you are done and get in the better.

This is just my opinion though.

How old are you btw?


Also, the very expensive thing is true to some, but not all. I’m going to Averett, which has a part 141 aviation program for less than 40k. Plus ive been able to score scholarships and stuff to lower the price

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Did you look into how long it will take you to get your cfi certs? your course manual will show this. Embry riddle for ex and most 141 schools it’s a min of 6 months. Waaaaaayyyyy too long in my opinion. And that’s just for one cfi cert.

Congrats on the scholarships. I was only looking at Embry and UND. Glad I didn’t go to either.

He didn’t want to pursue an aviation degree mate

I looked at embry and just didn’t like the people and stuff. I already have most of my hours done on private pilot, and they count at Averett too, unlike Embry. So that reduces time and money

Reread it, thanks

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Hey man. I live in Ohio so I can fill you in.

Burke airport has some awesome schools (two or three) in Cleveland. I forget the names. But ar Burke lakefront airport.

Kent State University has an insanely awesome flight school. Like it’s one of the top in the country and by far the best in the state. It’s super good. I may go there for it.

Cuyahoga airport has a good flight school as well.

Akron Canton is great.

Cincinnati University has an amazing flight program as well. Maybe @Ryan_Vince can fill you in morr on that and the Dayton one.

Scholarships aside your program runs 67k for all four years. The key being four years. That’s seniority at the regional level you may be missing out out which will equal pay / schedule.

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True. I’m not sure on the details, so don’t like roast me if I get some wrong. They said (from what I remember) they have signed an agreement with Piedmont, and junior year you can get hired on, and they start paying/reimbursing tuition? And once you graduate and fly with Piedmont for a set amount of time. Your garunteed a job at American?

Ever thought of doing it overseas , might be cheaper. However the might not be a option for some …

The University of Dayton is mechanical and aerospace engineering rather than aviation, however, there are many opportunities for lots of flying fun with the engineering simulator I operate. A few weeks ago we had test pilots from WPAFB over to fly the models we put into the sim and talked about their experiences test flying all sorts of USAF planes.

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No roasting on my end mate. Sorry if I came off like that.

Trust me when I say this, in aviation don’t believe everything to hear. Unless it’s on paper (even this is debatable lol) . Many aviation schools have pipeline programs with multiple regional airlines. And some have a flow through to the majors like you have mentioned.

As an example look at atp ( I am not promoting them, just using them as an example). Atp program runs 130 days ( I think) with all your certificates. You will also have interviews lined up with them as they also like your school have agreements with multiple regional airlines. The differ is tdifference is that you will get done sooner with your certs and be off to the regional in roughly 2 yrs working as a cfi while you would still be a sophomore or Jr in college working on your commercial license and will take roughly an additional year build time as a cfi to get reduced hiring minimums (since you went into a 141 school) the difference is 3 years. That’s 3 years of pay, and seniority you will be behind in.

Again, all I ask is do your research. :) all the best

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Didn’t mean to imply you were roasting me, I appreciate your advice. That’s why I was asking you about this stuff. And thanks, I definitely will do my research on this.

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I am 20 years old. I’m ok with not having a life for 3 months. (I barely have one now) let’s pm about this

I already stated that I don’t want a flight school that’s affiliated with a college. (I don’t want to pursue a degree)

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IF you can you can go the AF route, but this requires a bachelors degree and a 3.0 GPA minimum with greater physical condition requirements because of military physical requirements. They will pay for your flight training but after you are certified you must serve for 10 years with no exceptions (unless you lose your qualification, which can be because of various factors). Also the training for the AF just to get your CPL and before you train for a specific aircraft is 1 year.

No. It’s not an option as I am currently enlisted in the US Marine Corps

Do you have the qualifications for officer in the MC or just enlisted?