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Hi IFC, since most of you are professionals in aviation, I want to go to flights school to have my license and until having my commercial license it will take me 4 years from now. Do you guys think I should study aviation or it is not safe because of the COVID and should I study something else ? . I would like to here your opinions

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In answer to your question, it’s really up to you. All flight schools are closed where I am at the moment, but I’d say it’s up to you. Wear a mask, but at the end of the day it’s whether you feel safe or not.


In aviation and in life it always helps to have good fallback options. A few of the commercially licensed pilots here will tell you that they actually got degrees in fields outside of aviation before going into being full time pilot.
But to answer your question, the aviation industry is going to be strong long into the future so I wouldn’t be too worried about COVID disrupting your plans as long as you’ve ensured that you’re your most marketable self and ready to take on the industry. Also I’m in flight school right now so I guess availability depends on where you are


If you want to be a pilot, go achieve your goals, nothing is holding you back. Look for a school that fits for you (both my parents went to Embry Riddle) there are many flight schools to choose from.

I am 99.9% sure aviation will be thriving in 4 years.


Please, please, don’t choose your career based on our opinions. I want to be a pilot, and most of us do as well, but you are the only one who can decide your career.


Yeah, if you want to do it, 100% follow your dreams. I mean, this whole pandemic thing will be over. And the industry should be up and running fine in the next few years.

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By the way, I’m hopefully going to AFTA in Cork when I’m finished school for my training.

This is extremely important. We’re not the ones who will be going through those discouraging times when it seems like the best option is to give up and get a desk job 🤢
You have to ensure that you’re doing something that no matter how tough the times get it’ll be worth it for you at the end.

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Thanks for all the support guys, I will be going to Academy in Saudi Arabia called Saudi oxford. And hopefully I will make it one day and be a pilot. Thanks so much IFC!

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