Flight School ?

I wanted to know if there is any kind of flight school for the infinite flight, or some kind of flight that does this type of operation !!

There’s always the #tutorials section! It covers just about everything we Pilots do here in the Infinite Skies.

As of now, I don’t know of any existing hands-on flight school type VA’s here.


There are many very descriptive videos on Youtube so, I recommend the official Infinite Flight Channel..

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Yep, #tutorials has everything you need to be successful in IF


YouTube tutorials are powerful tools if you find the right ones. Those combined with practice flights on Infinite Flight or any other sims should have you flying in no time. Never give up!

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Many different ways of learning flying:

  • #tutorials
  • Infinite Flight’s YouTube channel
  • Captain Joe’s YouTube channel
  • Your fellow community members (yes, some of them are real world pilots)
  • Google (make sure the sites that come up are credible)

To sum up what everyone just replied, sadly no there isn’t any flight school for infinite flight but there are ways such as:

  1. Infinite Flight’s Youtube Channel @Tyler_Shelton & @Mark_Denton has some great vids there
  2. The community here will be able to assist with your needs
  3. There are #tutorials for whatever you would need information about
  4. Feel free to ask anyone on this community

Have a Great day ahead of you!!

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Some VA’s also have their own Flight School to help pilots transition from smaller aircraft to lager aircraft.

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