Flight School Recommendations

So i am a 14 year old currently living in the USA (not permanently) and I am interested in becoming a pilot (commercial or private i don’t really care). Is there any flight schools that y’all could recommend (i won’t work for an American carrier if I decide to fly in the commercial sector)

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Hi Michael! There are many many flight schools around the US. If I were you I’d first look at flight schools near you and call and get to know the flight school and learn what your getting into with that flight school. I’d then see if they have an intro flight and take advantage of that just to get your feet wet with what you are going to get into.


Hey! I made a topic about my experience of flight schools in the US, hope it helps!

just bear in mind that ERAU isn’t be be-all and end-all of flight training as some people on here may lead you to think 😉

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