Flight School Part One: Preparing for my First Lesson

As the weekend approaches, I have decided that I’ll begin doing a little series documenting my flight training experience.

Of course before we can begin with training, I need to start preparing. I’ll need a few materials, such as:

  • Headset
  • A Flight School (well duh)
  • Foreflight (In the works)

So the headset I bought was a ‘KORE AVIATION P1 Series PNR Pilot Aviation Headset’ which I found on Amazon for a little under $100.

Here’s a quick photo credit to Amazon:

Next, I need a flight school. Now I live in los Angeles, so their were easily over 100 options. I settled with a flight school located at KVNY airport, it’s called “Encore Flight Academy” They have the largest fleet out of any flight school in Van Nuys including:

  • Cirrus SR22’s
  • Cessna 162 Sky Catcher’s
  • Diamond DA-22
  • Piper PA28-161

Of these planes, I’ll mostly be flying in the Piper aircraft, but will also log between 5-10 hours in the other aircraft.

Next, I needed Foreflight, at this time I’m trying to see which plan will work, so if anyone knows a good solid plan under $125 please let me know. Either way, I’m excited for my flight training this weekend! Please let me know if you have had any experiences with flight school or some sort of discovery flight.

Here are some photos from a Discovery Flight I had with the school about a month or two ago:

Thanks for reading this! See you all around the forum!


Awesome have a fun experience


So are you getting your pilots license

Whelp, working towards it at the very least lol. I’m a sophomore in High School so it’ll be a while before I have my license.

Well let me tell you something, first of all congrats on your first flight! It’s an sxpreimce you’ll never forget and it’ll always have a spot near your heart. Now for the actual thing. Those Kora aviation headsets are AMAZING! Loved using those at ERAU and look forward to using them again in the future.

Congrats! I did my PPL in a PA28 also. Very stable aircraft that are a blast to fly. Enjoy!

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Hey thanks man, they have insane sound cancelling abilities.

Very stable plane, I’ll be going in the SR-22 at one point thought… So we’ll see how that goes.

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I haven’t flown one yet. I’m a little weary of them. A pretty fancy plane that unfortunately breeds complacency. Thankfully, that is easily avoidable. Enjoy the SR when you get to take it up!

I will! Yeah, I plan on mainly flying the PA28 and the DA22 for a solid portion of my training.

It’ll probably be like this:

Piper PA28-161: 70% of training

Cessna 162: 12% of training

Diamond DA22: 13% of training

Cirrus SR22: 5% of training

They only have two SR22’s and they cost extra to fly for obvious reasons…

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Not a bad plan.
I work at a flight school and am finishing up my commercial, so my advice would be to do as much, if not all of your PPL in whatever the cheapest ship is. There is plenty of time after your cert to go fly the pricier Diamonds and Cirrus’. Just my two cents (pun intended)

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Also, if your just starting out foreflight wasn’t BR worth it until you get to your cross country stage of your PPl exam. Hopefully your instructor will teach you pilotage and dead reckoning using landmarks and man logs


Hey maybe we can talk about Encore @Infinite_Flight_Dude! I have done 20 hours there and i love them! working to get my student license in May, my 16th birthday, and my ppl the following year. Small world it is, WOW. Lets chat!


I live in Milwaukee and just had a “discovery flight” to make sure I wanted to go to the flight school of my choice. I am planning on starting lessons in spring because of timing ang getting my ppl in summer. Currently I am a Junior in high school so now is the time!

Yeah, thanks for that. Glad I didn’t spend the however many hundred dollars on it.

No way, I’ll have to dm you asking more about what to expect there and such.

Small world for sure!

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The classic Van Nuys flight show interrupted my planned appointment so we rescheduled this weekend.

Hey guys, Flight School September through October topic will be released soon!


Excited to hear how your flight training is going!

Well, I’ve got a fun story for you all I guess. More or less frustrating one thanks to all of the weather delays (yes weather delays) in SoCal right now!