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I know there is many people out there planning to attend Flight Universities, Academies and Programs. Just like me, I want to know what is out there and the best in my area and money. Here’s a place you can post that, I will go ahead and list the college near me that I may be also looking at. Feel free to give advice, share colleges in a detailed way.

Refrain from bashing on universities, programs, and academies if you don’t have experience with them! :)

Farmingdale State College SUNY
Long Island, NY

Competitiveness: Moderate
Tuition: 5,545 + 9,000 (for flight students)
Major: BS Aeronautical Science
• Private Pilot Certificate
• Instrument Rating
• Commercial Pilot Certificate
• Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) Certificate

Optional Ratings:
• Multi Engine Land
• Multi Engine Instrument Land
• Multi Engine Instructor
• Airline Transport Pilot Certificate
• Certified Flight Instructor Instrument (CFII) Certificate


  • Affordable
  • CFI Rating
  • 500 FH deduction for R-ATP License
  • KFRG for training


  • Very Competitive Major
  • Flight Department Building Separate from Main Campus

Man if that’s the template idk if I can do the one I planned to do, seems pretty specific. At any rate, if you’re in the US, check out Embry-Riddle at erau.edu, they can give you all of your licenses. All of them. Average GPA of High School Students accepted is 3.7.

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Not that hard of a template eh? I’ll check it out.

Just that I’m too lazy to find all of the information that you put on that first one lol


I have just been accepted there recently.


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