Flight school costs

Hello guys I was just wondering how much your flightschool costs so my family can start saving up for me

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Depends on where you live and which license do you plan to get.
Here in Italy getting the PPL costs about €10.000.

But honestly, you can easily find the answer with Google…

£70,000 to £100,000 depending on how you do it. I know you can get a loan but they take it out against your house or something

Back in the UK at Oxford Aviation, I think it was around £90,000 to get you through to your ATPL (no Boeing, Airbus etc ratings though). Here in NZ, the PPL will cost around $16,000 NZD, so you’re maybe looking at ~$80,000 NZD for the CPL and then well over $100,000 NZD for ATPL :(

I’m starting in September and my ground school fee here in Ireland cost 250€ and then the flying stage is 140€ each a lesson

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For me in Canada it will be around $ 60,000