Flight School-Basics

Hello, Trainee! Welcome to the Infinite Flight Flight School!
My name is Dmitrii. I am your instructor and I’m going to teach you the basics of flying.
Alright, let’s start the engine. We are gonna start from small Cessnas.
Before takeoff, make sure that your flaps are set to 10 degrees, landing and strobe lights are on. Now let’s get onto the runway, make sure that you are cleared to take off from the ATC.
Slowly start adding throttle to the maximum, when the aircraft reaches 60 knots, gently pull up the yoke. Congratulations! You are flying!
Now let’s make a left turn so we fly parallel with the runway. This is called “Downwind”. Don’t forget to report it to the ATC when you reach it. When you reach the end of the glideslope, turn left so you get aligned with the runway. DO NOT LAND WITHOUT CLEARANCE! Once you’re cleared by the ATC, set your flaps to 30 degrees, slow down to around 70 knots. When you are near the runway pull the yoke up a little-this is called flare. Make sure you lose height slowly and not gain height. When you are around 20ft off the runway, lower the throttle to idle and gently touch down. Congratulations! You’re back at safety!

I hope this little tutorial helped you.

Dmitrii Ermakov AKA ErmakDimon

Ok, now teach me how to land the 737 with 25 knots crosswind and gusts up to 35 knots ;)


when you land, use the rudder to face the plane back towards the center. Before the front wheel touches let go of the rudder and slowly bring it back. @Laurens

Hope this helps,
Owen Lewis

Yeah, already aknowledege of that -.-
Still impossible.

It takes practice. I did it just fine. :wink: @Laurens

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