Flight School Age

So, I am wanting to be a pilot and I know the steps to becoming one, but I do not know what age I should start flight school. Does anyone have advice?

Maybe 14-15

Hi there! Assuming that you’re based in the United States, you will want to try to first obtain your private pilot certificate. To do this, you must be at least 17 years of age.

During your training, you will also need to ‘fly solo’ and to do this, you must be at least 16 years of age. To fly with an instructor and log dual hours, there is no age limit! It probably makes the most sense to start around 16 anyways, that way, by your 17th birthday you can take your checkride and obtain your certificate.


You can start at 12 in the Us but can’t solo till 16 and can’t get your license till 17

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This may vary from flight school to flight school, however, there is legally no age requirement to start taking lessons with an instructor. Just must be 16 by solo and 17 for your certificate.


I was 10 the first time I ever left the ground in an airplane. It was C172 scenic flight over Arches and Canyonlands in Utah.

The pilot allowed me to do the take off.

He talked me through it and called out the rotation but was of course conscientiously in contact with the controls. I was doing the rudder pedals to some extent because I remember my first push during taxi, I thought it worked opposite so turned in the wrong direction.

I remember the sensation of back pressure, rotation and leaving the ground. He took over right away for the climb out and remainder of the flight (dad and sister were in the back seats).

I always assumed it was legal, because he wouldn’t have risked his livelihood.

Years later when I was taking paid lessons, I certainly didn’t get to take off on the first flight.

Btw my first ground school was a high school class offered by the chemistry teacher, a pilot.

So as far as being supervised, it does seem you are never too young too start learning.

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That is soo true…I started flight school just after graduating HS.


Me too, right after high school. Even during high school there were at least a couple kids starting lessons already.

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