Flight Schedule

Hi there, how are you all? I was wondering about Flights Schedules…
Am I the only who schedules his own flights like this?

Let me know!


I prepare my flight plan from IF like you

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First, I use something like this for my 6 Virtual Airlines, planning out everything.

Second, you’re dedicated to flying!

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Actually that’s a great idea, I might have to try that. Is that google sheets?

I’ll be honest, I kind of just wing it everyday 😂. This seems like a great idea though…might have to give it a shot because.


That’s great I am going to give this a try and schedule some flights for 2022


That looks awesome! I wish I could do that, but I only fly like once a week and it’s usually like a 45 minute hop. You sir have too much time on your hands. 😂

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Hey, I use Word and then I create this.

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Great! If you need any help or even the form I use, just ask!

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Yeah! Christmas Holidays are perfect to plan and fly! But, in a few days, school is back and maybe just one a flight per day 😭

Just one question how did you create the airlines names like so small ? Than you very much sir

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