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So I want to start a flight tomorrow before school. I wake up at 7 and leave at 7:55. Keep in mind I still have to eat, get ready, etc. Any tips?


Wake up at 6:40-6:50. this will give you extra time, because well, life happens.


It’ll also give you time to plan your flight. Make sure you have enough fuel to make it, and make sure the flight’s long enough to where you would have about 10 until your TOD when you get home.

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Infinite flight.

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fail on my end. Get up earlier then usual to start it

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Alright thanks guys!

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I would suggest doing a GA flight as they can be within that 30-50 minute flight time you’re wanting.

I Literally read it as “I want to start a flight school tomorrow”.

Just wake up a little bit earlier tomorrow , ,


Recommend not starting. Get as much sleep as you can. You can always fly on weekends. If you have to fly, yeah just wake up earlier


I’d have to agree with @mogbog… sleep. While I know Infinite Flight is a great app, nothing is more important than yourself and sleep is what will make sure you’re awake throughout the day 🤗

If you really want to start a flight though, maybe get everything ready including the flight plan, the gate you’ll spawn at, and the aircraft/callsign. Then, spawn in and pushback after your checks are done which should make it a couple minutes quicker


Bro. get your sleep. You need it more than a few hours logged in a flight simulator.

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You need your sleep, but what I do is make an Fpltoif flight plan the night before with fuel and all that so it’s just to enter in fuel, passenger, Fpl and callsign! Also DO NOT LEAVE THE DEVICE BEFORE CRUISING

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Read tips above such as wake up earlier than normal which permits you to have more time to begin your flight. Get your FPL ready before you go to bed so you can have a quick access to the flight details when you wake up.

  • Make sure you pack enough fuel and have the perfect flight time. You don’t want to overfly your destination while being at school.

  • Don’t forget you have to charge your device. You’re probably more than 2 hours away so your device won’t have the required battery life after a single charge.

  • If possible, start your climb while having breakfast. This is a way to use your time efficiently. After you’ve reached cruise altitude and all things set, you’re ready for your next school day and come back home when the aircraft has almost reached the destination!

Good luck!

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I have to get to the bus at 7 so today I flew LFPG-TNCM where I took off at 10, went to bed at 10:30 and started my approach at 5:30 when I woke up

Wake up 30mins early (What I did), and create fpl, etc and you can do takeoff while eating breakfast (at least, this is What I did if I wanted to do a flight while i’m at school.) It worked perfectly for me

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