Flight schedule tool and logbook anyone?

Not trying to be vain or anything here, but i put together a little flight scheduling tool with a logbook in Google Sheets, and wanted to offer it to anyone else who might be interested in having something like this! Personally I love it for scheduling flights during my day (that’s oftentimes filled with other things, namely, a little thing called “life”). I designed it with Flightradar24 in mind. Say you find a particular aircraft on FR24 with three or four legs that day that you would like to fly in IF (or any sim, for that matter). Go into the spreadsheet, put the current date, the tailnumber of the plane you find, the aircraft type, each of the legs you intend to fly, your estimated en route time (easily figured on Skyvector), and your desired departure time, ie, “OUT”, or pushback time. The spreadsheet will go to work, figure your wheels up time, wheels down time, IN/ON block time, or gate arrival time, depending on what you call it. It will find your total block time and fuel required (block fuel plus minimum reserves-coming soon… just thought of it!) as well. In the next field is ATA, Actual Time of Arrival (self-explanatory), and the next is REPORT, where you write your airtime. The next three fields calculate your airtime in the past week, month, and Total Time (TT). Week and Month fields are references for the spreadsheet to do all its magic with totaling your times.

Sound interesting? If you want it, let me know!

Ps. Recommend using it on another device for obvious reasons! ;)7B3DBDCC-84B7-40B1-99D7-2E767A0FD7E5


This looks pretty cool! PM me the spreadsheet please! :)

Will do asap. Currently on the road for the next hour, and have been getting some additional ideas for what fields to include… will send you the latest version in a bit!

Good effort, Cessna driver 😉

This shows the hard work and dedication members of the community have, and how they take extra measures in order to make our life easier with our flights. Come on guys, sixty five views but no one thanks the time to thank or apprecaite the hard work this man has put in into this post, we see penut posts on a daily but posts like these rarely happen on a daily basis and you have to take the time to appreciate the user and the post itself.

150 Driver, Nice post and really cant wait to see where this goes, truly dedicated to stuff like this. Cant wait to see more of your magnificent posts in the near future, all the best and magnificent work, 305…


Exactly! Well said, Chief! I wanted to type a long message, but stalled halfway through 😅 Glad you did that, even better than what I was about to.


Send it to me please!

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Could I have it please

My pleasure! Thanks buddy!

@Alfonso22, @Ian_Piper, and all the other folks that want it, please PM me your email and I will shoot you the spreadsheet. Already tried to link one guy to it and Google docs is only allowing it to be a group-edited doc. I’ll need to send a personal excel file to anyone who wants it so you can keep it personal to what you’re flying!

can i have it please

@C150_driver. MaxSez: Your innovation, time, effort and generous offer noted.
Belated Welcome to the community. BZ, Regards


Looks great! Can I please have the sheet?

To yu and @Oskar_J_Clare, need your emails. See above message. Thx!

@C150_driver PM me the spreadsheet I might have the App for the spreadsheet but to get a clue and be sure. If you don’t mind PM me the spreadsheet so I can figure it out and utilize it. Thanks in advance

Need your email please. Thank you!

This is great! I’d like one.

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